Welcome to De Woonwolk.

Would you like to be part of Woonwolk and become our new future neighbour? Fill in your details below and you will receive an e-mail with additional information about our housing cooperative and the application process. Upon receipt of your motivation, our admission committee (Yoshi, Nikki, Yvo, and Gabriel) will contact you. We might then invite you to join our community :) 

Who or what is Woonwolk?

In consultation with current residents, De Woonwolk aims to preserve the already existing beauty and diversity of Noord. The communal areas, which will become part of our home on lot 19E, will be shared with our neighbors based on the three core Woonwolk values: community, sustainability and art & culture.

If you get in now you have a say in:

The architecture of the building

The lay-out of the apartments

The function and content of the common spaces

What do we offer you?

Living community

The nicest community where you will live together.... laughter, tears, love – it will all be there!

Shared spaces   

5 common rooms: 2 large rooms for dance, music, theater, film etc.. 3 multifunctional common spaces.



The apartments will be 47m2 for normal members and 70m2 for families. There will be 53 apartments in total.

Nice neighbours

You get at least 53 great neighbors who support each other through thick and thin.

Garden & Roof terrace

In total, we share approximately 500 m2 of garden together.


The building will have 8 floors of which the top 2 floors will be our roof garden.

Buiksloterham, Papaverweg 141

The Neighborhood

The lot is located in the northwestern part of Buiksloterham. In the coming years, Buiksloterham will continue to develop from an industrial business park to a circular urban district focused on living and working. The programmatic and urban planning frameworks of Buiksloterham are set out in the Recalibration of the Investment Decision adopted by the City Council on November 10, 2020. Four challenges are central to Buiksloterham. These form the basis for the developments in Buiksloterham. These four tasks are densification, circular district, productive district and undivided district.

The lots that will become available are located in the northern part of Buiksloterham close to the Johan van Hasselt Canal. Lots 19E and F are part of lot 19. On lot 19E and F, two housing cooperatives will be realized with medium-priced rental housing. Around the plan area, several lots have been and will be developed in the coming years and a solid densification will take place. A tender has also been issued on lot 19 for the realization of housing, social facilities, productive business spaces and other non-residential functions. A school will also be built on lot 19.

On the outside it is adjacent to a school with a communal square; on the inside of the lots there is a shared outdoor space adjacent to the outdoor space of Lot 19C


Phase 1.

The Design Phase:
This phase consists of three parts: Sketch Design; Preliminary Design; Final Design. This phase will run minimum to Q2 2024 and maximum to Q4 2024. This phase will be concluded with an environmental permit and ground lease agreement.

Phase 2.

The Construction Phase:
After the conclusion of the ground lease agreement, it is finally time to give our community a physical shape – with a building! We will complete this phase between Q4 2025 & Q4 2026.

What do we expect from you?


As a member we ask you to commit yourself to the core values of Woonwolk. You do this by making your voice heard at the general meetings and making an active contribution to one of our committees.

Membership fee

We ask for a membership fee of €10 per month. With this money we pay for this website, a drink at gatherings, and other important things...


Sometimes the meetings can run a bit late. It's a long run so we won't get there without enthusiasm!


As a member of Woonwolk, you will pay a co-payment of €7000 in the form of a deposit.

Don't panic! You don't have to pay this all at once.

Physical meetings

In addition to the general meetings (ALVs), every so often we organize workshops, get-togethers and other activities.

Online meetings

If you are a Woonwolk member at, you are expected to attend the general meeting (ALV) online every two weeks.t

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