We are currently organized into several committees:


We are concerned with the physical part of Woonwolk. In what kind of place will we soon live, laugh, cry, play, love together?


We love to find and connect with future companions.


We are passionate about getting our positive story out there.



We organize trips into nature, board game nights, sculpting workshops – Woonwolk members love to get together


This committee’s motto: no money, no change.

The Board

Our board is kept on task by the Woonwolk members.

Our Story

Woonwolk is made up of old friends, new friends and future neighbors full of enthusiasm. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we all bring something different to the table to create the home of our dreams. We are connected by our common dream of living together in a wonderfully open, light and warm home where you have a choice and say in the community surrounding you.

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Meet The Team

Our advisors