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Hi there, welcome to our community

You are not made for the current way of living. The individualistic life, not knowing your neighbors, the high rents. Together we are creating a different type of home. Lighter. Warmer. Built to connect. More personal. Considering our needs. More soul. More playfulness & joy. But also more positive impact, more interaction with our neighbors – and so much more satisfaction

Core values

We would like to continue living in Amsterdam, even if we have to build our own house to do so. We are happy to do so!

Together with you we create a new way of living, in an environment that sees residents not primarily as tenants, but as people who are connected by the building they live in. Sharing joy, tears, and laughter. By giving co-creation & slow-living a central place in our shared home, we can express what is in our hearts.

We express our connection with De Woonwolk’s core values:

Creating a close-knit community within our group as a neighborhood.

Our love of arts & culture shines through at all levels of our cooperative.

A sustainable, harmonious vision where sharing, reuse and nature are inseparable.

We are looking for spirited neighbors!

Are you excited or do you simply want some more information? We would love to get in touch with you!

About us

Woonwolk is a housing cooperative founded to build a new home together in Amsterdam North.
We want to provide a home for people who care for art & culture, living in a community and for sustainability.

Right now, in our building process we are between the sketch design and the preliminary design. If all goes according to plan, our house will be finished in 2025!

Our plan

Sharing and communal living is at the heart of our plan. We come together to make decisions about the ins and outs of our housing cooperative. Each member gets their own rental home in Amsterdam North. The building is built in consultation with all Woonwolk members. And all of this so we can live in an energy-neutral, climate-proof and nature-inclusive building! Because by looking beyond the moment of completion, we see the long-term value our housing cooperative can create for both its residents and its environment.