Woonwolk News

Meet our members on a magic winter walk!

Every month, the Woonwolk members meet to catch up, get to know each other and do something fun together. As we are receiving a lot of interest from people who might like to join, support our goals, or just want to know more about our housing cooperative, we decided to open up our monthly activity to anyone who would like to come and meet us.

This month, we will be enjoying a tour of the Amsterdam Light Festival on foot, on Saturday 9 December from 6 - 7.30PM, starting at the IJdock. Everyone is welcome to tag along and meet our communit

Read the interview with Woonwolk chairman Nils Hollestelle in the PS Magazine (Parool) of 2 December 2023 online on the Parool website.

9 NOV: CLOUDfunding take-off at SEXYLAND!

To launch our CLOUDfunding campaign we are organizing a party at SEXYLAND World on Thursday 9 November, where the Woonwolk members will present a program full of art, music, and the celebration of our newfound community.

You help us kickstart our campaign before you’re even inside, as the ticket sales directly support our project! Inside, you can meet the members, our architect and inspirators at our “Housing Market”, make cloudy dreamcatchers during a creative workshop, or try your luck and win unique art pieces at our Woonwolk lottery.

Share your hopes and dreams on the future of living through our postcard pyramid scheme, satisfy your inner child with fluffy cotton candy, and dance in the clouds with our DJ’s:

dengdeng (reggaeton, baile funk, R&B and hiphop) Passion DEEZ (jungle, garage, UK bass)
Nicoba (rkt, post reguetón and guaracha)

Party starts at 5PM, CLOUDfunding take-off and lottery draw at 9PM, then party party party into the night!

Buy your ticket online to reserve your party spot! Please note that online tickets cost €1 extra for online administration fees.

Ticket price at the door is €15, which includes your €3 Sexyland World entrance fee.

€25.000 development grant: 
with many thanks to our subsidies committee!

Amsterdam, 20 OCT 2023

YESSS! Our board members invited David Zuilhof and Ugur Pekdemir of Rabobank's sustainable living departement to the plot of our future building and received a €25.000 cheque. This way, Rabobank is supporting us during this tricky phase where we have to pay our architect and advisors to continue, but do not yet have the finances available for the full project.

Eager to support our housing cooperative in building our own affordable dream home in Amsterdam, focusing on community, sustainability, and arts & culture? Start supporting us via 𝘄𝘄𝘄.𝗱𝗲𝘄𝗼𝗼𝗻𝘄𝗼𝗹𝗸.𝗻𝗹/𝗱𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗲𝗿
⛅ after all, each cloud is made up of countless little droplets 🙏

9 NOV: Woonwolk @ Sexyland

We are excited to announce our next crowdfunding event: on the evening of Thursday 9 November we will have a party at Sexyland World in Amsterdam Noord.

Our members are busy preparing the night’s program full of art, music, and the celebration of our newfound community.

More information will follow.
But for now: save the date!

First Woonwolk dinner a great success

Amsterdam, 9 July 2023

The first Woonwolk benefit dinner turned out to be a great success: we enjoyed every minute of it! The 3-course dinner at Sagra was intended as a test for larger gatherings and was open to anyone interested in our goals as a housing cooperative. We were touched and honored by the great turnout.

The evening offered a wonderful preview of how Woonwolk can bring people together who want to make living together in Amsterdam more accessible again. The dinner initiated a wave of connection and we are busy processing the many new registrations.

We would like to thank everyone for coming. Your questions, ideas and inspirations will help move our project forward. Your donations will help us to start the crowdfunding campaign that will allow us to realize our dream home. 💚

We’ve officially signed the option agreement!

Amsterdam, 29 June 2023

Together with the Municipality of Amsterdam, Woonwolk has agreed to proceed with the development of our residential building in Buiksloterham. Several housing cooperatives presented their ideas for self-building on lot 19, between Papaverweg and Johan van Hasseltkade; we and De Bonte Hulst – our future neighbors! – emerged as winners. Our three core values played an important role: community, sustainability, and art & culture.

We will now continue with the design for our building. This should be finished by the end of 2024 so that the construction of our wooden dream house can begin in 2025.