Core Values

All members identify to a greater or lesser degree with the core values on which our community is built. Both the architecture of the building and the events we organize embody these values.


Social cohesion, both among ourselves and those surrounding us, is central to Woonwolk. The intrinsic motivation to be helpful and open to each other is ingrained in all members. Thus, we are a close community to each other and our neighbors

Art & Culture

The different cultures that make up Amsterdam constitute the pursuit of diversity within our community. A diversity of cultural backgrounds and its expression enriches our lives. In addition, we believe that art and co-creation as an expression of our feelings and ideals is indispensable for a deeper connection.


We want to do more for planet Earth than we could manage individually. With bio-based material selection, an energy yielding building, sharing, repairing and re-using, and co-creation, we can have more impact as a group. By looking beyond the moment of completion, we can design a home that is nature-inclusive, future climate-proof, and sustainable in the long term.