We believe in a sustainable, harmonious city where nature and culture are closely intertwined. The building is designed to facilitate interaction.

We therefore consider a circular, bio based material choice to be a must, as well as being energy efficient. To have true impact, the group wants to look at sustainability not only idealistically, but also concretely and realistically; doing justice to the complexity of these sustainable systems.

We would like to give the homes an organic look with lots of natural light. The aim is to create high ceilings and layering within the apartments. This will give the apartments a characteristic feature and may also provide additional storage space.

The integration of our core values is reflected, among other things, in the common areas present on different levels of the building. We distinguish three types of common areas:

The Green Crown: a place full of lush flora on the roof, including an open space to facilitate performances and exhibitions, looking out over the city and the IJ.

The Soil: a place of gathering for daily business, events, sharing tools and by extension, our communal garden.

Drops: inbetween, spread out over the floors, are multi-purpose spaces where we share household equipment, work spaces and outside terraces.

Het gebouw